ER-11s - Source?

So, who makes the good ER11 collets? I don’t need many, just a a quarter-inch, I think, and perhaps a 3/32nd. I’d rather not take my chance with whatever the random hobo over on Ebay happened to dig out of the trash can that day, can someone suggest a reputable, reliable source? :smile:

Got mine from Inventables

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Here is the link @DanBrown

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I found mine on ebay, Less than $2 with free shipping. The quality seems good, but I have not used them yet.

I should have posted a link… my bad. Thanks for taking up my slack. :wink:

Hey, thanks Zach. I hadn’t really considered Inventables directly!

Hey @DanBrown I’m just happy you don’t consider us to be random hobos :smile:

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Hehehe, nope! But that dude over at EBay that decided to make one outa’ the piece 'o rebar he found in the alley… :laughing: