ER11 Collets

I have a large collection of ER11 Collets and was wondering if they would work with the X-Carve?

Thanks for your help,

Gary McGowan

the default spindle that comes with the xcarve uses er11 collets

Dang, lucky! I’m going to have to order mine in. And those are indeed the correct ones!

Thanks Dan and BadWolf. I was wrong. They are ER16 collets. I assume they will not fit.


Gary McGowan

You are correct, 16s are way too large for the spindle. They’re not interchangeable, unfortunately.

Thanks Dan. Looks like I will have to buy a set myself now. So, with the ER11 being smaller what is the largest diameter cutting tool I can use?


Gary McGowan

Max shank size is 7mm or 1/4". But that is shank size - If you’re doing wood you can put any router bit with a 1/4" shank into a 1/4" collet.

Thanks Joe. Shank size is what I meant to say. Thanks very much.


i ordered some bits the other day… just realized they are 3/8 shank… no ER11 collets i can find for that size -_-
makes me sad. lesson learned tho.