Erase/Edit functions in Easel? Trace Image Upload help

Does anyone know if there is an edit image function in Easel, similar to the erase feature in paint? I’m trying to cut the outline of a fish, but when I upload the image and trace outlines it gives me the outline of the box. I’ve sent a couple hours trying to edit but I can’t seem to get rid of the box around the fish. Having the outside box around the fish adds an extra 30 minutes of cut time, and also puts my clamps at risk of being cut.

Thanks in advance


There is an edit points at the bottom of the cut and shape section. Select which bit with the mouse and the press delete.
Or create a box (to fill) and place it over the problem areas and set depth to zero. Looks like you’ll probably need 5 boxes.

Thanks so much! I didn’t think of that!