Error checking for design

Just new to Easel. Playing with it and making mistakes but learning from it.
In a design, why doesn’t Easel tell you when the bit you have selected will not cut a certain area because it is to big??
Example: playing around with raised letters. I have an E and a T next to each other. It looks great in the design section. Nice separation between the top of the E and the top of the T. You can even see the separation on the display side of Easel.
But when it cut it, it did not put the separation between the E and the T in. The top of the E and top of the T are all one line.
I am assuming that is because the bit is too big for that “gap”.
So why didn’t Easel tell me that before I hit carve?? It is a feature that it should do.
Can’t imagine how much material has been wasted because of this.


I think it will.
Can you share the Easel project?
File --> Share --> Share with Link -->Save
Paste the link here


Easel do look out for you, but the opposite way.
Your design (text, shape etc) represent a form, material that will be left behind after the carve, in your specified that form.
So when you say to Easel that “I am using this 1/2” bit it will carve everything it can with that bit, but omitting the parts that violate the “don’t touch the form” rule :slight_smile:

Easel do allow you to use two different tools for a single carve project, typically one larger bit for the bulk of the work and one smaller for the finer details.

That’s what the preview window is for. It will show you what areas it will carve and when you squint really close you can see what areas that won’t.

That is the problem with the preview window!! You can’t always see exactly what is going to be missing with the bit you selected. I have made the preview window as big as I can. When I do that, I cannot see the entire piece I am working on. The “tilting” of the work piece is of no use to me. Let me make the preview window as big as I want it then let me move the preview window around like the design window so I can see where my problem areas are.

Forgot to add this…

Also need an error checking for when your cut design is off the work piece. (I know, I should have caught it but I didnt)