Error Code 9

Well. I am stuck with an issue I can not solve. I have read these forums and have had no results in solving this. My carve is ready,i home my machine, I then probe it,when I am done and try to carve. it shuts of the spindle. I check the error code and it says 9. It also gives me an alarm. I have tried what everyone here says to do. but it is not working. my orders are backing help. HELP!!!

possibly bad gcode, maybe share your project and type of machine.

here some reading ERROR 9 · Issue #1 · fra589/grbl-Mega-5X · GitHub

Error 9 is common and occurs as a result of an Alarm state. Is there another line with an alarm number listed?

If the probe worked and the fault is at the click of the “carve” button, then I would suspect that it might be Alarm 1 or Alarm 2, possibly as a result of the safety or Origin height being set too high for the machines available height.

Here are all the error codes and alarms in shorthand layman’s terms

Ok guys thanks for telling what the error code 9 is. now the big question is… How do i fix it. I cant find any step by step to resolve this matter. I don’t care about your opinions or i would do it my way. I simply need a step by step info in how to FIX the error code and maybe learn something.


how about sharing your project

What’s the alarm for?
That error means you tried to send gcode while in an alarm state. Sharing the alarm reason would help.

In general, this sounds to me like it might be an EMI issue (opinion, sorry).
More info would be helpful.
Does it happen at the same time? Is it repeatable?
Have you tried an air cut with the router off? Do you have dust collection? Have you ever changed your router brushes? What are your Grbl settings?


Sure thing.

Step 1: Report back with the Alarm Code number
Step 2: Await further instructions.

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