Error codes

Can anyone help me Pleeeease!
Every once in a while my machine just decides
To stop mid carve and when I check out the problem I get an event code saying

Alarm- ALARM 1
Error- 9
Error- 9
Error- 9
alarm- ALARM 1

Can’t figure out where to go from here.
Would really appreciate anyone’s help.

What machine are you using?

Error 9 is related to homing/soft limit range.
Do the error display after you reset after aborted carve?

“ALARM:1” : _(“Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.”)
“error:9” : _(“G-code locked out during alarm or jog state”)

Sounds much like you are experiencing random errors on the limit switch inputs caused by electrical interference (EMI).

Do you have limit switches enabled in your grbl settings ($21=1)? If so, this is a common issue and hard to successfully resolve. Better to maybe disable limit switches ($21=0) and use soft limits ($20=1) in my opinion.

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This recent thread may be of interest.

As @JohnChamplain said, turn off hard limits.

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