Error : Grbl has Not finished booting

Bonsoir, je suis une étudiante et je dois faire une simulation pour la machine cnc à 3 axes sur le proteus isis lorsque j’ai ouvrit universal gcode sender pour tester il m’affiché que le grbl has not finished booting svp aidez moi pour résoudre ce problème

Connect at 115200 baud.

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but i use grbl v0.8 and it connect at 9600 or not ???

Yes, 0.8 uses 9600.

but in universal gcode sender has a message error : grbl has not finished booting
so what can i do plz

Does it work in Easel? I am not sure what the problem is, normally that error is because of incorrect baud rate.


You will also get this message if you issue a UGCS command when connected to a COM port that is on your machine, but does not have the Arduino plugged into that port.

For example, if your Arduino is plugged into a port that is connected to COM4 and you also have a COM1 port on your machine and you tell UGCS to connect to COM1, it will connect, but if you issue a grbl command (for example $$) then you will get the “grbl has not finished booting” error.

when i sending a command to the Arduino virtual terminal shows that there’s an error line overlow

I don’t understand :’(


Check to make sure that you have the Arduino driver installed on your computer. Check to see which COM Port the Arduino is connected to. Make sure that UGCS has the correct COM Port selected and the correct baud rate for your grbl installation.

i checked, everything is correct but nothing does work

If it doesn’t work then everything is not correct, we just need to find out what is not correct.

Let’s start over—

What operating system are you using? (Windows? which version, Mac?)
Do you have the Arduino IDE installed?
Do you know how to run the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE?

windows 7
arduino ide 1.5.7
yes i know how to run the serial monitor in the arduino ide


With the X-carve connected via the USB cable, bring up the Arduino IDE. Check to make sure that you have the correct board and port selected under the Tools menu.

Bring up the serial monitor and you should get a line displayed from the Arduino. Post that message here.

Then issue the $$ command and if you get the parameter display then post those results here.

i have this message

when i put the $$ command I don’t get neither parametre or result

Things I can think of that could cause this:

  1. There’s something wrong with grbl and it doesn’t interpret the input properly, or
  2. Your computer is sending incorrect values to the Arduino

The first thing I would try is to re-flash the Arduino.

This would be a good time to upgrade the firmware to at least version 0.9j unless you have a reason that you want to stick with version 0.8c. If you do change to version 0.9j then you would need to change the baud rate to 115200 and you would need to rewire the spindle control pin and the Z axis homing switch on the gShield. Spindle control moved to D11 and Z axis homing switch moved to D12.

Also, it looks like you are using maybe French, which I don’t know. Make sure that the “End of Line” is set to “Newline” (in the Arduino IDE). It’s the value to the left of the baud rate at the bottom of the screen.

how can i flash the arduino

Use the Inventables fork.

Look here:

ok i do it how can i change the version grbl v0.9 ???

i have this message but when i put $$ i have nothing