Error in Asap Font (as in the actual letter design)?

OK, I am assuming this is an error in the font (as in a graphical design error). The “A” in the Asap font has a weird bend on the inner part of the top triangle. I am assuming this is a bug in the font design since the bend is asymmetrical.

Which causes ugly V-carving paths like so (the letters are huge (9" tall) hence why so many paths for a V-Carve -so 1/4" roughing and then 90 deg V-bit):

Just looked at this and it has the same problem as you show.

the only way I see to correct this (make it straight) it type out what you want and size it as needed. then click on apps and choose exploder and explode the font into individual letters at that point delete original text and edit the letter a (click on edit points) as needed.

Personally I would just delete to two offending nodes. that ensures a nice straight line between to the other two nodes.


did you ever get this corrected to your satisfaction?

Was just wondering if the answer was the information you were looking for.

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I took the easier way out. Found a similar font and used illustrator to create the svg. But the answer above could fix it.

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