Error: x-carve/ easel went wild

I have had my x-carve for about two or so weeks. wet ahead and installed the dewalt 611, running a 1/4 downspiral bit. running out of easel started the cut just fine… all of the sudden it just started to take of wildly.
Z axis came down though .500 ply and z/y just started to snake though the board. board is tight (screwed down) so it has to be something electronic. Bearings tight…

I was running 100ipm at .125DOC dewalts speed on


Wow. Just wow. Hope you get this figured out, I’m getting a 611 soon. Is the power cord up against unshielded stepper wires by any chance?

I have the zip tied around the outside of the drag chain.

Not sure if this has anything to do with your problem. But I have done the same thing. And I have noticed the drag chain now rests on my y axis motor. And rubson the stepper motor wires. Does yours as well? Can this cause a problem?

I have the wire though the lower drag chain, but it goes in the well behind where the axis wires shielding is opened.

on a different note… the Dewalt 611 is a beast… with the 1/4 downspiral bit I picked up, it just chewed though that cut… smooth finish. even at 100ipm it didn’t even act like it was cutting… more like cutting air.