Established Name Sign

I just finished cutting this for our home. I made one for someone else last week and my wife wanted her own.


looks great. did you vcarve it.

looks beautiful, great job.

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Yes, I used Fusion 360 to model the shape of the sign and v-carved the sketches on the top face of the sign. I also used this time to chamfer the edges since I had a 1/2" 90 degree V-bit in the router. This was originally 3/4" cedar planed down to 1/2" to get rid of a bow in the board.

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you did fantastic.


What did you use to create the V carve tool path? I assume you imported that into Fusion 360?

Modeled in Fusion 360 and used the Engrave option under 2D tool paths. The tree was an image I converted to an SVG and the text was just typed in using sketch text.

I set up a custom tool library with all the bits I own to make generating tool paths quicker

Looks great!

Just realized I never posted the final finished picture.


Can you share the file please.

@PauloMunoz I remade the design in Easel. Workpiece 1 is the v-carve, workpiece 2 is the 1/8" endmill, and workpiece 3 is meant for layout verification.

@ShaneJamerson Thank you very much.

@PauloMunoz you’re welcome! Please post how it turns out!