Established Sign

I made this sign for my in-laws using v-carve. Turned out pretty well I think.


Love the finish. Excellent work!

Very impressive work, could you explain a little about the materials used and the stages you went through?


It’s made from 1" poplar. I prepped, stained and clear coated the top surface of the board before routing. I then cut pocket with a .25 end mill, v carved the small text and the outline with a 60 degree cutter. I then cut the background texture with a 1 mm tapered end mill and then back to .25" to cut the profile. I did a little clean up with some 220 grit sand paper before putting the grey stain on the background making sure to wipe off any stain that got on the name. Once the stain dried I put 2 more quick coats of clear to seal the grey stain. I then taped up center section and sprayed the outside, back and edges white. Once dry I brushed in the brown paint in the small text and outline wiping off any excess as i went. Once completely dry a put 2 more coats of clear on it.


Looks good!!

What’s the top font used for Dick & Nancy?


Thanks Stuart, great work

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