Estimated Job Time

An easy one for you guys. :slight_smile: Estimated cutting time before sending a job to the machine. Elapsed time, and total time to completion at the end of the job would be nice too.


Anything happen with this request…?? Does it just seem easier than it actually is to implement…?

How about a hidden surprise…load an Easel project in Chrome then click “show toolpaths”. Go to “more tools” and then “Developer Tools” then go to the console. You’ll find something you might find interesting.

We haven’t exposed it yet because it’s not accurate. We’re working on making it more accurate and when we do we’ll expose it.


I am not even seeing “more tools” after clicking show toolpaths. Was just coming in here to request this feature.

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Sorry that wasn’t clear

Click show tool paths in easel

Click more tools in the chrome 3 bar menu on the right side at the top.

Very handy ! Thanks @Zach_Kaplan. Just carved this and was checking it all night.


What is that?

Looks like a control or PC box with vent holes.

@Zach_Kaplan I will be housing a subwoofer inside the cabinet. @ScottWillis you called it.

Which section is this in? Is it only visible when running?