Estimated time all out in Easel

Hi there,
Is anyone else having trouble with the estimated times given in Easel? I currently have a project running - has been for the last 15 minutes but Easel said it was a 6 minute job. Similarly - I had a project with an estimated time of 45 minutes. When I halved the depth I was cutting into the wood it re-estimated the time as 55 minutes!
Is this normal?

Running a lot of curves may reduce the overall achieved speed due to “lack of” sufficient acceleration.
You didnt specify what kind of operation you wanted to do, but easel Pro / V-carve will take longer when depth is reduced since the width of the V isnt used to its potensial.

Haldor is spot on regarding V carving.
If you limit the depth it may have to make several step-overs to carve the material between the lines.

Ah of course! Yes it was with v carving. Problem solved/answered. Many thanks!