Estimated time is always off af

I’m growing tired of the time bar. It’s never right and extends itself constantly. Y’all should know how to program real time usage data on these machines at this point. I’m on a time crunch trying to carve 15 sings by Thursday night for an artist event.

I rely on time management in my shop. If the machine estimates 1.5 hours but bounces to two, it messes up my whole day.

can you share your cncs grbl settings? (this can be found by going to machine>General Settings> Machine inspector and scrolling to the settings at the bottom)

can you also share the Easel project? (the one that is giving this 1.5 hours when you are in reality seeing 2 hour carve durations, you can send me a direct message if you don’t want to post it, AND you can always put it back to private and then any shared project link will no longer work so the design wouldn’t just be out there for anybody to take if you do that…)

Here’s how to share the project within Easel:

I ask for these 2 things because I suspect that some settings of the project exceed your machines specs and as a result the grbl settings will take over and limit the carve speeds, making the time estimates lower than the actual carve time, this is typically a result of setting a plunge higher than 19.68IPM , that Said Easel uses the Xcarve acceleration values, so if your using a different machine with slower acceleration, then that will also effect the time estimate vs actual.


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