Estimated time

Maybe this is already a feature and I don’t know how to access it, but I would like to see a carve time remaining along with the percent complete.


That would be a great feature, if there isn’t one already

Easel does this.


forgive me, I saw percent complete and my brain skipped the carve time.

Having used multiple programs for cutting, none of them get very close on cut time. Most estimate high.

Lol actually I am not sure if easel generates it or the web browser but if you are using chrome and go into the developer options you can scroll down and see a estimate on the time the project will take there is only one issie with it right now

And thats its horribly inaccurate likes to say a 10min carve will take 400hrs

But from what I have read inventables has it in the works for a future update of easel I look forward tp it also

But I am finding that programs like universal gcode sender also get the time wrong the obly program that I have found that gets it right in fusion 360 which I use also

That is all that can be done for estimating run time, unless there is an input for the accel settings your using for your machine’s all three axis’s for accurate run time calculations. Even then, it still may be off slightly because of other factors it can’t calculate like friction of the machine’s mechanics and cutter loads.

I have to set these three grbl settings like this to get close to run at actual set feedrate in a raster gcode file when running X,Y & S commands.

$11=0.005 (junction deviation, mm)
$120=12000.000 (x accel, mm/sec^2)
$121=12000.000 (y accel, mm/sec^2)

When I run X,Y, & Z commands, the Z axis has a higher step/mm setting value then the X&Y axis does, so the accels have to be set lower not to loose any steps, therefor it’s the limiting axis and effects the overall feedrate & run time considerably.

$122=150.000 (z accel, mm/sec^2)

I would like to get a time estimate before I start carving even if its a bit over. I’ve made a few projects where had I known it was going to take as long as it did I would have made some design changes.

For instance I did a USB cable holder and soap dish design for charging small mp3 players or a phone and I could have made the soap dish part shallower. Would have saved time but more important wear and tear.

A timing element will also allow someone to calculate how much electricity they consume in the project if they are able to calculate their consumed wattage x time x Kwh. In some cases it might be beneficial to table router or table saw a few elements instead of letting the carver cut it. Although I bought the carver because I’m not a carpenter.

Look forward to seeing this implemented.

Same issue as +MichaelMitchell. Being new to the software, I hadn’t realized my depth of cut on a “carve out not through” would require so many passes, and an extensive amount of time. If it had given me an estimate, that would have provided a reality check that saved me time in the long run.

Looking forward to the feature being added!