Estlcam and xcarve

We just got our x-carve and have used it a little bit. I am wanting to do some v-carving and I think I want to go with Estlcam. I dont’ know a lot about the controllers and the languages they use. If I use Estlcam will it overwrite the controller for Easel? I have several projects that I want to go back to in Easel. What is the best way to do this? The instruction manual on their site is for version 7 and the software is on v10.

when I tried out Estlcam it needed to overwrite the GRBL in the controller. when it did this it was very easy to do and then also very easy to reset back to the factory GRBL version as the Estlcam program has the ability to write to the controller and then restore built in. I have not used it for a while now as I have found other ways to control the machine without internet. (that is why I was trying Estlcam to start with).

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I feel like a noob asking this but can someone point me to a walkthrough of flashing the machine in estlcam? I was looking and I didnt find a preset. I am not fond of the idea of bricking my device.


flashing the machine with Estlcam is simple:

  • First select the COM port of the machine in the second list from above
  • Select the correct pin layout (“GRBL 0.9 - 1.1 with PWM” should be the correct one for the Xcarve with Xcontroller - but you can also use “GRBL safe” if you really want to be on the safe side and don’t need PWM)
  • Set the settings as shown in the picture (maybe you need to change distance per revolution for the Z-axis and do some fine tuning later, but this should be a good starting point)
  • Press the “Program Arduino” Button and Estlcam will upload its firmware.
  • If you want to go back to GRBL / Easel press “Restore Controller”

I’m the programmer of Estlcam - if you have any questions just ask here - I’ll watch this thread.
I can also add a Xcarve preset to Estlcam but don’t actually have a X-Carve - I’d really appreciate some feedback about the settings.



Hi ChristianKnull,

I read your post on how to flash the controller for the x-carve. From what you write, it seems a very straightforward process. However, I have a question:

I am using the x-controller that came with my x-carve. Suppose, I flashed the controller using the “gbrl safe” setting and I want to revert to the original gbrl. What happens when I press ‘restore controller’? Will the original control software for the x-controller be restored or some default grbl?

It is my understanding that the x-controller uses a forked version of gbrl per default. Therefore, if the ‘restore controller’ option flashes a standard gbrl version, the controller will be altered from the factory settings (and maybe it wont work anymore with Easel).

Before you make a change to the firmware, make a copy or print out of your current grbl settings. Then you can choose which version you might want to reload, and then change the grbl settings to what you had before you changed the firmware.

Does estlcam have an option to save a copy of the current controller settings?

I don’t know. I don’t use that program, but the settings are easy to get. If you use Easel go to the Machine Inspector - Advanced and you can get them there.

If you use a terminal type program you can just use the $$ command to have grbl display them.


Estlcam creates a 1:1 copy of the previous controller firmware and restores it if desired.
So whatever was there before will be there again after restoring.
But be careful: do not uninstall Estlcam before restoring the controller as uninstalling will also delete the backup file.


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Does it also copy and restore the EEPROM?

EEPROM is not changed at all.