Etching Acrylic

Hello everyone
So i bought the X-Carve to help with sign work. I’ve always done my signs by hand cutting out the image and media blasting the surface. Received my X-Carve Monday got it all put together. done a few things with it just simple things. Today i decided i was going to do a sign

for my bar. Problem I’m having is getting a smooth finished surface without lines from the bit also don’t seem to get a even cut bottom if kinda uneven deeper in spots than others. i was using a single flute engraving bit i bought off inventables website. Any help and information would be great thanks

Use heat gun a little, might help.

Easy on the heat gun. When I did that bad things happened. Warping bubbling and cracking.
You may want to use a rotary with a semi-abrasive/softish disk like scotchbrite and kinda take down the peaks.
Combined with a little heat may be you friend. But for Your sake test on some cutoffs not ur masterpiece. I leaned the hard way.

Thanks Guys for the tip i will try them later this week and see what happens Ill keep you posted

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Also when cnc cutting on acrylic move as fast as you can without losing accuracy. And then finish with a cleanup pass.