Etching Pyrex

Can anyone help me with etching Pyrex? Is it doable? I have a blue laser but not sure if it will work. Do I need to use a metal bit instead? Some help and guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Is it clear pyrex or colored?

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I personally would not use an endmill or V-Bit. I would try to etch the glass with a diamond drag engraving bit first, but you would have to take care since Pyrex is tempered borosilicate glass. The glass stands up well to heat gradients, but it can shatter quickly under certain stresses.


Brandon Parker

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Wayne’s got a point, the easier light passes through (or reflects) the less effect a LED laser has.

I’m with Brandon on the diamond drag bit as opposed to the others, that said Pyrex might just shatter while engraving.

You might look into masking and lasering away the masking and then using an acid solution applied with a Q tip in order to Acid etch the pyrex … just my 2 cents :man_shrugging:

This is the video from Paw Paw’s Workshop where he etches glass with a diode laser. His technique is to paint an even coat of black tempra paint on the top of the glass. The laser zaps the paint causing the glass to micro-bubble. The paint is washed off after you’re done. He has two other videos where he does round objects using the glass roller. This is probably your best bet for the laser.

Another way to go would be to get a drag knife adapter for your X carve and cut through a vinyl mask. Apply the mask to your glass and use an etching cream. The cream contains hydrofluoric acid which will etch glass. You then wash it off when you have the desired level of etching. My wife has etched some wine glasses this way using masking vinyl cut on her Cricut.

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