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Hey guys!

I was going to purchase the fully loaded x-carve, but then I saw this:

“DeWalt 611 spindle (US voltages only), mount and hardware; we do not carry the 220V version (D26200)”

I’m from Europe (Serbia). What am I supposed to do to get a working machine here?

I’ve done a lot of research on CNC machines, and I decided to buy this one, since it has most of things I need, including JTech laser :smile: but now I have doubts if I’ll be able to operate it.

Thanks for your time!



Buy your X-Carve with the DeWalt mount, but not the router. Then just order a D26200 from a source close to you. That’s the “Europe” version of the 611, and fits the same mount perfectly. Just a 220V instead of a 110V.

No worries, there are plenty of people not in the US running X-Carves. :smile:

The US 611 is the 26200 in Europe - exactly the same aside from the power socket plug and 230V. Less than 170 Euro if you look around and well worth it. Order the X-carve 611 mount and you are getting one for this.
You can easily save on shipping/customs by sourcing your own power supply, stepper motors, waste board (1msq of 18mm MDF), wiring and drag chain. These are easy to get hold of in Europe and you’ll save about 300 euro doing it that way.

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Hey, your information is really valuable, thanks a lot.

Got one more question.

If you’re from EU, could you please tell me how much did/would someone paid for customs? Approximation, no need for exact number.

I’m also afraid of not being able to find some stuff here, that’s the only reason I was going to buy the fully loaded one :slight_smile:

Once more, thanks, @JDworx @DanBrown

Well you’ll have to pay VAT/TVA for starters - what % depends which country you are in. No avoiding it. On top of that there will usually be a customs charge and perhaps some form of duty. Try this website:
Looks as if in Serbia, you’re looking at adding about 30% when all is said and done.

I can tell what we paid, we bought the fully loaded 500mm from the U.S and paid £145 (UK) customs charge. We’ve purchased the 1000mm one from Robosavvy to save on shipping costs.

Good luck

Hello Guys,

I am about to order the X-carve from Inventables but the shipping cost to Amsterdam-The Netehrlands is close to the €500. I would like to know if any of you have any experience on buying an X-Carve 1000mm x 1000mm from the inventables website in the USA, any advise on the best way on saving some €.

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