European spindles: D26200 or Kress 1050?

Hi folks,

Mechanical Engineering student here. I have for some time been saving up to acquire me an X-carve. The primary use I would have for it, is to produce prototypes drawn in Solidworks in aluminium and brass. For this I have considered two spindles:

  1. DeWalt D26200 (For those in doubt; the equivolent of the 611)

  2. Kress FME 1050-1

Which one would be the best option? I have a hard time deciding, and I would like to get my moneys worth.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the Kress? I have not seen it alot on this forum.

Another popular router to consider is the Makita RT0700. Quite a few users here with one. Mounts to suit the X-Carve are available Any interest in a Makita RT0701 spindle mount for X-Carve
I have a Makita but would love to have the Kress FME-1050


I’ve seen once or twice. If it’s not seen A lot in this forum, that means you better go the other way. Most X-Carve owners using primarily Dewalt, second choice Makita, pro users buying lot more expensive water or air cooled spindle with inverter. I am Dewalt user for months with no problems what so ever. I hope answers your question.

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I haven’t seen too much about the Kress, but the little bit I have seen they are pretty sweet. They seem to be primarily in Europe. From what I know, the Kress spindles are specifically made for milling, so you couldn’t go wrong if you can get one for an affordable price, it also looks to have a good speed variance.

Other than that can’t go wrong with the DeWalt or the Makita. More or less it’s what is more readily available for you.

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Kress advantages:

  • real spindle, power measured at typical usage, not peak
  • narrower, so endmill is closer to to carriage, reducing lever effects
  • Precision (1/8" from one U.S. Vendor) collet is standard

Might be possible to use it w/ a flexible shaft while still attached to the machine as well.


I installed the Suhner 1530 watt spindle. That also works great. I can’t compare but it should be a lot more reliable and robuust than the kress.
The spindle clamp comes from Sorotec. The aluminum mountingplate I made myself with a lot of patience with the 24V quiet cut spindle.