Even more newbie questions

Hey all! I’m new to this process so I’ll go ahead and apologize if my questions have already been answered.

First question (actually an issue that I could use help with): I couldn’t get the Z probe to calibrate when I was setting up my machine. I plugged the probe in to the port and connected the clamp to the collet without issue. I couldn’t get the probe to register when I touched it to the collet. In addition to that, there was a slight shock when I touched the nut at the probe connection point. I’m not sure if the secondary part was related to the first or not.

Second question: Does anyone have any recommendations on cut depths? When I use my router table, I have no issues cutting up to at least 1/4" deep. Is it safe to carve depths that deep with the X-Carve? I’ve noticed that most of the carve depths are pretty shallow which leads to long carve times.

Thanks in advance for any answers, advice, etc. that can be offered.

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Welcome to the forums Kevin. I would say there is something wrong with your probe if you are getting shocked. If it is new contact Inventables and they should take care of it. Cut depth is recommended at 1/2 the thickness of your bit. So if you have a .25" bit the recommended depth per pass would be .125". What you decide to run is up to you and how your machine handles it.


Thanks for the feedback, Wayne! I’ll contact Inventables about my probe issues tomorrow. The cut depth worked splendidly. Now I just have to figure out how to not tear up my waste board and I’ll be all set!

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Most people will add a sacrificial wasteboard, one that’s small enough to surface the whole thing, and easy enough to replace. (i don’t even do the inserts, instead i just use wood screws directly into the MDF, even with the added holes from wood screws, my first one lasted about 20 months before replacing)

Thanks for the tip and video Seth! I’ll have to look into making one of those for myself

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You can go to Pawpawsworkshop and see many tutorials on getting started

Thanks for tips, Really appreciate for help.

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Hey all! Time for another newbie question :slight_smile: What has everyone done to overcome the fact that the power cord for the DeWalt 611 spindle that ships from the factory is way too short? I would love to plug everything for my machine into a power strip, but the one cord that seems to inhibit that is the cord for the spindle.

You could use some heat shrink and a power cord to elongate it, the heat shrink over the 2 plugs to keep them plugged in without tying funky knots… OR you could even get a decent gauge (I’d probably go 12 AWG) extension cord and open the router housing (you’ll need to do part of this to change the brushes eventually anyway) and replace the entire cable with the new longer one.
These wires might have some connectors on the ends, but I don’t have a DeWalt to verify what type connectors.

That was i am looking for, Thanks for sharing.

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