Everyone has one, here's mine "Aztec calendar"

Looks great!

I use this same vector cut at 12" to ensure my x-carve is calibrated - there is so much detail that any missed steps show up eventually. I spray paint them matte black, then dry brush a bright gold over that for highlights.


Dark hardwood would look great!

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So after the 10 hour carve I got home from work and flipped it over to cut the keyhole hanging thingys on the back when the bit entered the wood my dewalt 611 puked black crud all over the back of my Aztec calendar, guess the long carve ate my brushes still works but it was a little sick.

Wow… what rpm/speed?!

Feels good huh?

I’ve been meaning g to do another… I’m inspired. Gotta finish wife’s bday present first!

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speed 1!! cutting a 4 hour Halftone now lets see if it makes it!!

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What size 60?

How did the halftone turn out?

looks cool!

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Brushes gave out halfway through the carve have half a sheet of dots lol !

I do not have one of these :unamused: I kinda feel left out just sayin. It is very nice work though beautiful

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Get cracking! The dxf file is floating around the forums…

F-Engrave is free, and supports DXF files.


$13.50 30342-02 - 1/4 in 60 Degree 0.5 in



I’ve been using yonico v-bits from Amazon there like 8$ free shipping really well made.

You’re welcome. for what it’s worth, I’m a big believer in vectrics products for vcarving…

Vbit carves

Ball nose carves…

Just how the bit cuts…

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Found a pic… This was my first real carve on the x-carve. It’s in MDF, cut with a 90 degree Craftsman router bit.


So I finished it with matte black and copper metallic dry brush. It was for a charity auction I’ve gotten request for 3 more from the people running the auction they want them for their homes.


I spray painted it with matte black rattle can paint and then used a copper metallic acrylic paint from a craft store dry brushed it with the grain being careful not to let the bristles go down into the v carve to much , touched up the black area with a sharpie afterwards.


The finish is perfect for this engraving. I may give it a shot on the next one I cut. Well Done.


I have to credit EdgarHaase for the idea

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Ive been trying to cut my calendar the same way you did yours. I must be doing something wrong, What are your settings and can you share the file you used?

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