Everything is equally unlevel but still a issue

Ok New day new question. My table, wasteboard, and X rail are all un level but equally so from the start. Machine was cutting level but now its off when traveling to the right. Before i start touching stuff what should i adjust to get a equally deep cut all the way across again?

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I paid for the good waste board any other options?

Put a temporary waste board on top, and skim that.

is 1/2 mdf good? I have a spare piece of that sitting around. Whats the best bit?

Yea i saw a lot of the posts when i searched I was hoping for some auto leveling option like the 3d printer or even adjustments i could make before having to skim the board.

when you skim the waste piece do you set it up in easel or do you just jog it manually im having the same issue

I understand your concern about having to pay for a nice “waste” board and then immediately having to start carving it up.
I was faced with the same thing and didn’t like it one bit.
If you are willing to play around a bit with a dial indicator and a few hours, you can get it pretty close.
I even had to slightly open up some of the screw holes to give it just a few thousandths of “slop” to gain adjustment.
I now have my spindle tramed in and my surface is within .007 on a 750mm machine.
I don’t know what you plan on doing with your machine, but my machine is plenty close enough for wood working.

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I just bought a half inch piece of mdf gonna try using that as a sacrificial piece and skim it will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

@PhilJohnson hey man i just skimmed my sacrificial waste piece it’s at most .05 in on one side is that a lot ?

Thanks @PhilJohnson I just went and moved the y axis side plates up and down and now it’s probably more like .006 to .008 difference I getting those numbers by touching the bit to the wood then moving the carriage then lowering the bit using easel by .001 and counting how many times I go down it’s getting closer to perfection lol

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You can get within reason with just a little effort and you don’t even have to destroy the pretty waste board.
Good job.

I don’t even like calling it a waste board.
Its the “bed” of the machine. :grin:

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I have some time today I’m gonna get the machinist dial from harbor freight to get the good waste board as close as possible then screw a temporary board on top to skim level. Is there a specific bit anyone has had luck with from harbor freight or home depot for skimming?

i bought a 3/4 straight cut bit from menards worked great

Great. I ended up having that exact set. I forget I buy stuff sometimes. Do you just make a pocket and hit carve?

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My temp carving area might be contributing to it being unlevel.

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That pool table should be level as… :blush:

its a old 30+ years cheap one. No slate under the felt just some composite.