Everything was fine, next day nothing

i have had my 1000mm xcarve for over a year. everything was fine the last time i carved. today, i log into easel and my machine info was gone. i reentered the info and setup the machine again. at first the x and y axis were fine. when i activated the z axis, it bottomed out so i hit the estop button. i reset the machine, and now, nothing. the controller powers on fine but i can no longer activate any of the motors. i checked my connections, checked the estop switch (it looks fine) but everything else is dead…

Did you make sure the E-Stop button was pulled up? It will click when its pulled up.
Other than that the only think I can suggest is restarting your computer.
Good luck

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Do the Machine Inspector (MI) state “Idle” or “Alarm”?
Open Easel and press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open MI.