Ex carve age

Looking at a used unit but it’s labeled ex carve
How old might a unit labeled this way be?
Selling do 1500. Upgraded to lead screws and has new dewalt router

photos would go a long way here. Inventables has not made an official conversion kit to make the belt driven X-Carve into a leas screw driven machine. This is likely a CNC4NewBie or TBHcnc conversion Kit OR a DIY conversion pieced together my the prior owner… . .
Here’s the TBD for reference: X-Carve Ball Screw Upgrade First 3D Carve - YouTube
and the current NewCarve (although I believe they had prior versions as well without the linear rails): ULTIMATE upgrade kit for X-carve, Shapeoko, openbuild ...

The type of controller box will tell a lot of the machines age as well as the connector types for the stepper motors. However there are upgrade kits for both of these, and the machines aren’t individually serialized so it’ll always be a bit of a guess as to the age of the machine. However, with the lead screw upgrade, if the machine wasn’t ran too roughly, then the $1,500 is not a bad price.

Thanks Seth. I’m new to this so I have to ask. Got a 3018 and want bigger

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