Exact placement in easel

Is there a way to place a object in an exact location in easel. From the center point or an edge is what i’m trying to do. New to this, so apologize if this is dumb question.

Does their help guide help?

Not really, thanks though.

Not exactly sure what you want, but if it is a question of “fine tuning” after you get the object close to the desired location, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make minor adjustments to the position.

Good tip about the arrow keys.
Hopefully this will help @FrankM with his vague question / responses.


Above is my post on something similar. I’ve now done a few real carves and it’s worked. I had a circular piece of wood, marked my center point and set that as the home position. In Easel, once my design was imported/created, I selected all (Command + A on my mac) and then switched from the Cut to the Shape tab on the right, chose the center radius button and set the center to 0,0, which moved my entire design to be centered on the home position.

Also if you just need exact positioning, you can use that Shape tab and manually type in the location of your artwork, in reference to your home position

Thanks to all who responded.I appreciate the help. my question was regarding exact placement of objects created in easel. I learned how to do that placement and then some! Sorry if you thought i was being vauge, not intentional.

Are you referring to setting an exact spacing between objects? For example, the center distance horizontally between two circles needs to be X inches? If thats the case, Easel doesn’t currently have a tool that does this directly. You can work around this by using the shape tab and manually enter in absolute coordinates, which are all relative to the 0,0 origin the bottom left of the canvas.

Yes this is something I need to do frequently. I have come up with something that helps. by creating 2 intersecting boxes of the correct sizes I can place an object in the exact location. Hoping that inventables adds a guides feature in the near future.
thanks for your reply

Easel being touted as the provisional operator for the x-carve and the question of placement brings up a question about pcb milling zeros that I have. If there’s someone that could help me learn to keep a constant reference for multiple grbl docs I would appreciate the help. I’ve been measuring the zero distance on each file and resetting zeros to run but I think I loose some accuracy when I go from file to file to drill and then mill the pcb. Should I combine the files into one object? But that begs the question about double sided pcbs and the mirroring required to replace zero and make it transparent … I am creating on eagle then transferring through flatcam and then using chilipeppr but don’t know if the zero stays the same on the imports and exports either??? Any body have this down to a science that I could borrow from?