Excel Equation Help

Hello everyone so this is off topic from x-carve but relates to a cnc machine and a cnc business lol

and I am hoping that someone is familiar with Mircosoft Excel (I am using Excel 2010)

Here is the long version of the equation I need and I need to formulate this into 1 cell so it will calculate the correct number

qty sold ( # is in cell B6) / parts per sheet (7) = number of sheets (then I need to take this number and round up to the nearest whole number ex: 3.57 should = 4 always needs to round up the number not round down)


288 x # of sheets (we got this number from above) x 0.008 = the number I am looking for

Example : qty 25 / 7= 3.57 (round up) = 4 sheets of material

288 x 4 = 1152 x 0.008 = 9.216

would anyone be able to help out with this ??


Try this for the first part:



yup that worked to get me a 4!

how do I incorporate the second part into it?

Calc.xlsx (9.0 KB)

What exactly are you doing for the second part…a little confused…

Nice job…you beat me to it…lol

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thank you for that but how do I get all that contained in one cell? as I have many cells that I need that same equation in but the input numbers will be different


so for the second part I need to take that number I got in the first equation and incorporate it into the second equation

288 x 4(the number from the first equation) x 0.008 = my final number

and I need this all contained within 1 cell

Are you going to copy the function to multiple cells?

yes I will but I will need to change some numbers like the qty and the 1152 and the 7


but you will have to change it when you use it with something else

EDIT: the asterix does not work on this forum…replace the X with an asterix:



your a GOD

thank you lol

this is why I need a accountant lol

because I want to create these spreadsheet to keep track of my numbers

you don’t do any estimating or accounting on the side do you?

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Glad it worked…and no accounting work for me…lol

you just learned Excel as a side hustle lol I gotcha

no worries thanks for the excel equation

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yeah but I am needing this all contained in 1 cell there would be no cell with the X1 value

HEY!! you all are supposed to be woodworking geeks!!

…just kidding!

At least you didn’t say “nerd”. :smiley: