Excentric nuts costs

Does anyone know why the shipping cost
to Sweden from Invenables
for excentric nuts costs
twice the nuts itself

Worldwide airmail/courier shipping is expensive, even for very light objects. It’s not just Inventables.

Complain to the courier companies or the postal service.

If I order a 10 pack of eccentric nuts ($19.95), shipping is $36.95 and this is the cheapest option, USPS.

If you look up USPS rates, then that’s the cheapest available for a small package from the US to Australia.
I don’t like it either but I can’t blame Inventables.

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sorry I’m disappointed
I thought it was Inventables which put shipping cost
I am otherwise super happy with their service


Maybe you can take a look here. Most of the time free shipping.


Grtz Koen

Sorry Koen
You came to late, I have already order from Inventables