Excessive tool path for drilling causing epic job times

I’m drilling almost 400 holes into a sheet of plywood. I’ve used the hole tool and set the depth to the thickness of the plywood (3/4"). When I run the job with a 1/8" bit, the router does a fine job of cutting a hole down to the waste sheet, but then spends an extra minute in a sort of pecking motion in the space it just create.

I assume this is in Easel. Can you share your project here so we can see how it’s set up and help you troubleshoot?

File - Share - Share Publicly - copy URL and click Save, paste URL here.

Holes I drill using this feature cause the bit to move down to the depth set by the ‘depth per pass’ setting. It then raises all the way back up and descends again increasing the depth again as established by depth per pass.

I wish it would just descend while cutting all the way through the material. If you’re using an uncut bit, it will clear the material.

I watched it run once more and noticed that it seems to run through 8 or more cycles of drilling and pecking for each hole and that seems to be the major slow down. Any thoughts on why it tries to drill each hole multiple times?

Problem Solved: I think when I copy and pasted rows and columns of hole by hand I must have included some excess tool path data. I just found the Replicator App and used it to create an array of holes and it cuts without any excessive pecking or passes. Big shoutout to James Rodovich for creating this app!