Excited to be building this new tool!

I have completed the assembly and am waiting on the back-ordered controllers. I bought a 750mm deck to aid in dealing with the diabetes-induced neuropathy in my hands so I can keep doing things. I am combing the forum for advice on doing low-relief carving in wood and engraving in metals (brass in my case). I am also going to experiment with leather carving and other materials for a wide variety of projects. I am a rabid designer and will probably work the heck out of my X-Carve! Any and all feedback/advice is welcomed and I am very pleased to participate in this forum!



Welcome to the group. I am fairly new also. You can learn a great deal here on the forum. Everyone is great and willing to help

I just received the controller today! All wired up and tested ready for my first test carve in the morning!

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