Experiences with zero tool probes - Looking for ideas

Hi, I am thinking on making a little tool to help me to auto zero my x-carve. Since I am still not fully into the machine (I am moving soon to a new apartment and I have to design a x-carve workbench, etc because it is laying in the floor in one room) what is the first probe users needs to tackle related with zeroing the CNC?

Here is what I have, my idea is that the tool disconnects momentarily the Easel port, zero the machine, and restore the Easel connection so it is seamless (it is just a prototype right now, I am learning some g-code):

  1. What is missing for you related with Zeroing your machine?
  2. What zero/probe tools do you use, what are the pros of these tools?
  3. From my prototype, what is missing?
  4. Any general suggestion? which ‘killing’ feature is going to make you use a tool like the one I want to make?

You should try Charley Thomas’s tool, that he sells here in the forum. Its a great tool and he provides a CD/DVD with videos on how to use it and a neat spreadsheet to go along with it. He’s a great guy and has already done the work for you. And the price is right.

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Yes, this is compatible with his tool, I already have it too. I just want to avoid using excel, closing Easel to free the port, sending the gcode and opening Easel again as part of my Zeroing workflow.


You only need to use the included software to create a gcode file for a particular bit and save it on the desktop (or wherever you desire) then run that in Easel.

I have a dedicated file saved for each bit I commonly use.
Chuck up the bit , select the appropriate file, run it as I would any other file and carry on.

I run vcarve pro and UGS but I dont need to open excel to use the saved file, just to generate a new file f i have a bit with different dimensions.

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Check out Charley Thomas’s probe, which is pictured above (the Triquetra). He is really knowledgeable and very friendly. He has a thread going on here as well.