Experiencing intermittent job stops

Experiencing intermittent jobs where a couple jobs completed to the end, and a couple that stop mid-way to only ruin the wood piece. When I run the simulator it appears has all the vectors to complete. But when I set it up to run, it’ll start then at a quick point stop. I have also experienced when zeroing the bit, the online controls will not respond as well. Curious if the is a MacBook issue or working with Easel/Carve online?

I’ve seen a couple posts regarding job stopping middle of job. One was intriguing where it was the USB port. Is there any specific configuration or troubleshoot this before starting a job?

Hi Garrett,
This isnt going to be a definite solution so much as just other things to verify.
Many things can cause the cnc/pc to loose connection and end the carve early the most common are loose usb connectors shaking during the carve and loosing contact momentarily, and dust related static shocks which will momentarily shut off the cnc and itll turn right back on but the carve will still end.
If youre using dust collection or a shop vaccume then the latter would be the first thing i would look into fixing, adding grounding wire to the hose can help substantially.