Experimenting with stamps

i was reading linoleum can be used for stamps… nots sure about specifics… pretty sure inventables had some in the store

upcut single or dual flute?

always looks suspicious if you get too many “free” samples…

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I made this stamp for my daughter’s clothing line. the letters are under a half inch tall.


It is a craft stamp pad material from Blick Art supplies. It is soft, about .187 inches thich and needs to be glued to a backer of some kind. I used a 15 deg. v cutter programed in V-Carve. I like this product because it has a gray layer on top and when you cut down about .05 inches the rest is white. You can really see what your stamp will look like. http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-readycut/

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Nice I have been looking for material of this kind for a while.
I have shopped at Blick’s many times. Missed this gem.
Thanks for sharing

That is when it is handy living near a few different stores and having lots of friends and family willing to grab you a sample. :laughing:

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