Exploder not working properly in easel?

I’m trying to separate a text svg but when I explode it and then click outline, parts of the letter are missing. Has anyone had this problem and how can I fix it/

Guess its just me

Try decreasing the diameter of your bit in the machine menu.

I just tried making the bit smaller. It didn’t seem to make any difference. I typed the name Lily in a text box, selected that, exploded it and then changed the cut to outline. Parts of the cut are then completely missing. The whole inner vertical line of the “L” has vanished. Can anyone explain this?

Can you share your Easel file and or take a screen shot of:

  1. What you are seeing

  2. The machine menu open

Post it back to the forum and I’ll try to replicate it on my end to see what is going on.

http://easel.inventables.com/projects/com-bmehlwPs-cTBLvgXrg This is a link to the project. Simple text then exploded, but for some reason parts of the letters end up missing.

I’m also having issues with another similar project. The 3d view seems to be off and the tabs show in the wrong place. Some help from somebody with this one would be great too. You can see that the Y on the end is offset Thanks @Zach_Kaplan

The second one is not an issue with exploder though. Just something that I don’t understand, about Easel.