Exploding Power supply

My primary worry is that more than the Power Supply got damaged, I dont think that is the case as the smell is 100% contained in the power supply and visual inspection didnt show other damage.

I see nothing here either. I bet there was a loose piece of metal floating around in there it shorted, smoked, fell out. NOW just replace that little fuse (110v 8amp) and voila. Run to the Home Depot, pic up a fuse and swap it. Worst that can happen is another “closing ceremony”.

Test the continuity of the fuse if you can.

Agree. If there was something

You may just need to replace a fuse.

Yeah, this was more than a fuse.

Whatever caused the magic smoke, blew the fuse… the fuse did not cause the smoke… oh nevermind. When you get a replacement, send me that one for chrissakes.

That may be true, that whatever blew the fuse, but the broken whatever is still an issue. Replacing the fuse wont fix that.

True. Usually components show evidence of giving up their magic smoke.
Either way, get a new power supply.

Bear with me here: This happened TWICE yesterday -

  1. There was a loose piece of metal from me tapping a hole beneath an output a a brushless motor. When I applied power, BAM spark, smoke, blown fuse. In that case, I could see the scar. Stupid - should have vacuumed before applying power. Replace fuse. It works fine.

  2. One strand of copper wire crossed two terminals on an Arduino and shorted (also took out the onboard voltage regulator, which I do not need). Smoke was scary - damage did not effect the performance of the Arduino.

I thought you were all in a dither about getting it working. I see NO charred parts. 9 out of ten times this is caused by a loose hunk floating and ID10T errors on the part of the user. Therefore - it is worth a try since it will take about 10 seconds, save you time AND you could end up with two functioning power supplies.

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Yup Ill give it a try

And I would love it to be idiot move on my part, sadly I hadnt gotten far enough in the process to make decisions yet :slight_smile:

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Yay, XCarve support. Getting new stuff mailed ASAP :slight_smile:

And FYI the fuse wasn’t blown on my power supply, but the supply was indeed dedz.