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Besides using X-Carve I also laser engrave on another machine. Is there a way to export designs from Easel to my hard drive so I can import it to my laser engraver software?

Sure can, there is some other reliable software out there.


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Thanks for the quick reply, I did try that drop down but it doesn’t let me save the file to my computer. I would like to import my logo to the laser software I use.


Take a look here: https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/8698227616531-Export-SVG-and-Project-Details.

This should download a zip file to your downloads folder. If it’s not working, try another browser or check that downloads aren’t being blocked by your computer.

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the option to select is “Download Project (ZIP)” then you’ll need to unzip the file to retrieve the SVG of the project. I do this all the time to import into Lightburn for laser engraving.

Thanks all. I’ll give that a try and go from there.

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