Export Easel into Lightburn

How does one export files from Easel that will run in Lightburn? I bought a stand-alone laser system that has it’s own separate controller & runs Lightburn, but when I download a g-code version of a file from E, it does not translate to run in Lightburn. Is it something with the $32=X command?

you don’t need a gcode from easel it won’t work properly.

download svg from easel and import the svg LB

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In easel go to Project>download Project (zip)
Then unzip this file to obtain the . Svg file from within.
Then import that svg into lighburn and setup your toolpath in lighburn.

You will likely want to run a power/ speed test first to best identify the desired settings for the outcome you want from the laser. More info about this is available over on the lighburn website.