Export gcode from lightburn to easel

I just spent hours creating a very detailed project in Lightburn, exported the gcode, tried to import it to Easel to set up my router, but Easel won’t recognize my gcode file - it is greyed out when I try to open it. Is there another way that I can get this project into Easel? I really don’t want to start over!!!


Importing G-Code into Easel is generally not the way to go. Instead, see if you can export SVG or DXF from lightburn and import those into Easel.


Lightburn does not create Gcode for CNC’s with spindle operation, it is only for Lasers. The commands are different. Lightburn’s gcode also break some of the rules that Easel has for accepting Gcode in general…

You’d need to export the design as a SVG and create the toolpaths and gcode within Easel as Harry indicated.

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