Export gcode

What happened to ‘export g-code’ in easel pro? If it is there where is it located?


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Neil’s answer is correct, but that location may be temporary, per this update in the help menu that was added when inventables added the multiple machine profiles function a little over a month ago…

The new location will now download the file in 2 clicks

Thank you both for your replies. I have seen the ‘download’ in both locations but interpreted the term to mean bringing a file into easel. I am hoping to export a project file to gsender so that I can use my touch probe in all three axis. I will give your suggestions a try.

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‘Download’ worked on the first try! Thank you. I assume because easel is a web based program all project files are saved on the Inventable server. To open a file with a different program it must be downloaded to my hard drive and can then be found in my download folder. I am very new to the CNC world and really appreciate easel as an all in one program. I hope xyz axis probing will be developed in the future so that moving a file to another program won’t be necessary.

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If you’re using the Triquetra touch plate that will work with Easel.

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Thanks for the tip Russell, I will look into that.



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