Export in easel

Why is there not a way to export a job in Easel

Hello, @KristianAng -

Actually, it is possible to export gcode from Easel. I suggest checking out this support article to learn how to do this. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Good morning (6.30Am local time) mstych (what a strange name bty)

It´s not the G Code I’m interested to export
it´s the work it self I´ve created in Easel
to open in another program to change


Tjena Kristian.

In order to export information from Easel to different platform (another software) you need a “language” both sides can talk.
The only “output” Easel provide is gcode.

In order to change platform and change design (object) the workflow is as follows:
Easel object (your design) -> export gcode (machine instructions) // -> import gcode -> convert to object.
Anything to the right of the “//” needs to be done by the other program.
Since gcode is a path adjusted to whatever bit size you would use that same code will / may not import and be converted correctly according to your intent.

The workflow is awkward and I am not sure if it is a viable / usable method.

Unless I have misunderstood your question that is :wink:

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