Exporting file

Can you export a file from easal aspire

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. It sounds like you are asking whether it is possible to export a project designed in Easel and import that into Vectric’s Aspire.

Typically you would start with whatever source the project was based on, perhaps some image or vector art, and pass that into Aspire. Many Easel projects include that source material along with the finished Easel project.

It is possible to export G-Code from Easel and I believe that Vectric Aspire will import that. I don’t know that you can then manipulate the design other than applying additional tool paths.

Can you give us a use case?

Yes you can download the project as zip by clicking “project” and “download project (ZIP)” and then it will result as a svg file which you can open in aspire by doing “File” and “Open” and choose the svg.