Exporting files created on Easel

Would love to have an option to Export a file that I created on Easel to SVG or any other CNC file.
If I created something on Easel and want to move it to new or other software I can’t at this moment.
If the feature is there please let me know where.



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I believe it is under file look for export

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Mark is correct that it is under File but look for Download Zip. That will save it to a zip folder and you can open the folder to get an SVG.

Ok. That is why I didn’t find it. Was looking for an Export function. But, I understand now what they did, but it is weird that it was done that way.


I’m having trouble loading zip files since the update a few weeks ago. The project I want isn’t in the little pop up window when you hit open and i can’t find a button to browse folders. Something I’m not seeing?