Exporting Gcode to Mach3, need advise

Hola inventableees! Quick Q. I am trying to export the Gcode file from Easel, to be used on Mach3 and a industrial CNC machine, but my computer can only open the file on Microsoft Word (windows 10 laptop), uggh!
I click save as and it gives me the option to save it in Plain Text. Will this file work if I try to import into Mach3. I am gonna use my friend 's CNC machine and I wanna be sure it will work before I go to him. Here is a copy of a the beginning lines of the Gcode(in reality it is 8 pages on Word). Please advise:

G1 Z3.810 F228.6
G0 X5.877 Y15.512
G1 Z-0.711 F228.6
G1 X5.877 Y15.512 F762.0
G1 X6.141 Y15.573 F762.0

save as a .nc file.

Open in notepad.

and if you’re going to use mach 3, skip easel and find a professional alternative. There will be a learning curve but easel really is too limited.

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thx. i will try inkscape

I don’t think inkskape is capable of outputting gcode…

I never worked with it though so correct me if i’m wrong.
I use makercam for simple profile cuts, and Rhinocam (paid) for complex shapes. Fusion360 is also a well documented alternative and is free. Meshcam is supposed to be pretty good and not too complex, and is affordable.

awesome info. than you a whole bunch

btw, i copied gcode from microsoft then pasted into notepad but when i go save as i do not see .cn option. i wana stick with easel since i already designed my pieces and wanna export g code to mach. any other suggestions how i can do it? inkscape dose have the option to generate a g code

set file type to ‘‘All Files’’ and manually enter ‘filename.nc’ as the filename. It will save as a .nc file.
You can also save as plain .txt and then just change the txt to nc using the rename function of windows.