Exporting Sketches into Easel

Hey everyone. I just ordered my X-Carve with the basic 1000mm X 1000mm set-up. Unfortunately there is a 6-8 back-order but I look forward to the parts to start arriving in February.

Currently I own a handle of, and am familiar with ProE. My main intent is to be able to export sketches or drawing files into easel so that I can appropriately dimension parts in proE, and then import them. The easel sketch tool is very easy to use, but it does not seem like it has the same advanced functionality as the proE drawing tool.

Is there a way to have my drawings or part files from proE imported into Easel?


Sam, welcome to the club. My 2 cents: I use Solidworks for a bunch of my items, especially the more complicated ones. I export the drawing or sketch to a dxf file then open up in DraftSight (Autocad equivalent except free). This allow me to clean up the sketch, join the polylines etc. Then export to SVG, import into Easel and its usually ready to go.

I find that no matter what I do, SVGs I import never come in to scale. Which is very important obviously if you are trying to make dimensioned parts. To get around this when I need it to be to scale, when in Draftsight I draw a box of known dimensions around my sketch. Then after I import into Easel, select all, and scale proportionally to the box dimensions drawn around the sketch. Then delete the box and its ready to go.

I haven’t worked much with ProE but suspect you could leverage this. You’ll most likely find a cleaner way to do it that you are comfortable with but this might get you started.