Extend Sides of Upper Cabinet and Counter Tops

A possible feature or editable, to be able to extend the sides of an upper cabinet like for right or left side refrig, or a buffet style upper and lower cabinet.

Hope this makes sense, otherwise this is coming along nicely.

Oh another feature, to have the ability to add counter tops.




Hey Bill,

Thanks for reaching out, we really appreciate your feedback! Extending the side panels of cabinets is a great idea. I’ve noted this feedback for our team.

Countertops are on our radar as well, and we’ve done some preliminary investigations in this area. Are there any specific options or settings related to countertops that you would need for a countertop-feature to be useful for you? Please let me know!

As we continue making improvements to Easel Cabinetmaker, you can keep an eye on our weekly updates to track the progress of new features and functionality!


Off the top of my head I am sure we would need to let say fit the counter top to the lower cabinet design taking into account if you have a L-Shape design. Also, do you want to have a waterfall lip of how ever many inches and a splash or completely up the back wall as a full splash.

Hope this makes sense Natalie

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