Extending the Motor Wires

Hey guys, so after Having some issues with flatness on my first table, I decided to build a new one! This one has drawers and a cabinet for the electronics. I’ve decided to remove the sideboard kit and toss the xcontroller inside a cabinet to keep the dust away. I also bought a cheap dedicated pc for the machine. Now I am wondering is there any place I can find the motor wire cables? I need to extend them but want to keep the same look. I want to support inventables but I just find their shipping rates to be absurd. 30$ to ship a z axis belt… Is there any wire similar to it or am I stuck ordering here?

Here’s the stuff. Love inventables too, but I wouldn’t pay shipping on wire.

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My crappy little town only caries 18/5 thermostat wire. Would that still work? Or would there be some sort of impedance issue?

Darn. Once again I am found flocking to the Internet
Any ideas of a place that ships to Canada? I might just eat my wallet and buy off inventables

Being security cable there is a good chance someone local caries it in stock, you just need to find them. See if there is a contractor electrical supply near you?
Or maybe your local hardware store can order it for you?

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I’ve checked all of my local hardware stores (2) Either of them refuse to order anything. I found it at a commercial wire place but they only sell it by the spool.

lots of people selling it on ebay by the foot.

Was hoping to get it locally or some place that ships quicker. Ebay seems to take a few weeks

I use ebay alot, usually have super fast handling times shipping is usually the cheapest. There is no safer place to buy!

The cost of shipping is outrageous.
Just looked at it. It would be cheaper for me to drive it to you than to mail it.
I sure hope you can find an outlet. Maybe someone in another town could help.
I would but it would cost me about $80 to $100 and most of that is shipping costs.

I bit the bullet and ordered off inventables. 60$ shipping for 15 feet of wire and the 3d clamp set and a drag chain

Wait… I’m pretty sure they did ship USPS… I sure hope so, cause ya UPS sucks.

Checked the order. It is USPS thankfully

USPS First Class International

Damn forgot about the limit switches. I’ll have to find that.

Quick question am I ok to solder the extensions onto the original wiring or should I go buy some terminal blocks and use those to extend the wires?

Ya no it wouldn’t be in the drag chain. I like the idea of terminal blocks for quick disassembly. I found a terminal block with 10 terminals is that ok ot would I need separate terminals for each block?

Bought 3 of these.

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Awesome! I’ll run with those! I’m excited to get this new table running! Finally got a dedicated pc and hoping to buy vcarve tomorrow! Thank you as always for the valuable information!

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I’ve been pretty amazed at what I’ve been able to do with just easel but after seeing the stuff you’ve been making I figured I’d give vcarve a try and expand my market. I’m hoping to go to my very first craft show this year. Is it a steep learning curve? Also this might sound dumb but do I need ugs to send g code or will vcarve connect right to the Xcarve?

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I saw they have a good amount of tutorials on youtube. Once I buy the program I’ll be spending the day watching them.

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Would you recommend ugs over easel for importING? Or do they both perform the same?

Awesome I’ll download that and play around with it.

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