Extremely long cut times

What do you do when you have a project that is projecting extremely long cut times? I mean 20+ hours. Would you just let it run…? I know I can speed it up somewhat with feeds and speeds and whatnot, but would it be advisable to let it run overnight while cutting?

This isn’t the only project with these cut times, so I am wondering what best practices are for these issues. Thanks in advance. This community comes through every time!

Have you thought about purchasing a 1/4" bit? I did that for my larger cuts and it saved me a ton of time. Based on your project size and the larger areas that need to be cut out, this may help you out.

Do you need the 1/32 bit for your cut? I

You may also consider reducing your cut depth if it does not compromise the quality of your cut.

Are you actually using soft maple?

I would personally ever run my machine overnight unattended.

Can you share the actual project file.

What is your target depth of cut? reversing out stars takes a lot of time, recommended settings are very, conservative in Easel, share your project as asked by Joe so we can help.

I haven’t thought about a 1/4" inch bit Joe, but I am now. I am just using what came in the starter set.

In the detailed view, the lettering is showing up incomplete until I put that bit in. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing though. Depth may be my issue if I understand you, so I’ll be adjusting that.

Depth was set to a little less than 1/8".

I am not using soft maple. I am using poplar, and (my next project) is pine. There are no options for these woods, even in the pro section.

I will share the project if you can tell me how…lol.

I am not sure on depth yet, at some point I want to be epoxy-ing the cuts, but I don’t have the slightest on how deep that needs to be yet.

You can share the file when you have the file opened in Easel go to:

File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save
You’ll have to share publicly.

Then post the think to this thread