ezpzPDG Peck Drilling Gcode program generator

I wrote a program that generates Peck Drilling Gcode. (or optionally single pass drilling)
I put a beta version on Github. This beta version allows you to enter coordinates for
up to ten holes. I want to make another version that will read hole locations from a DXF file.

It runs in a browser so should work in cross platforms.
I tested it in Chrome, Firefox,SeaMonkey, and Safari.
(It did not work properly in I.E.)

Javascript must be enabled.

Generally, fill in the drillling parameters starting at the top of the page and work down.
When those have been entered, click the [Generate Peck Drilling gCode] button.

Depending on your browser settings, this will either open a new browser tab or
a new window which displays the gCode for drilling holes.

Select and Copy the code. Paste it into a text editor (like Notepad).
Save the file in a plain vanilla text format, In Notepad, save using ANSI format.
I don’t know if you have to, but I save mine with a “.nc” extension. ex. filename.nc

Import gCode file into whatever you use to feed gCode to your Xcarve.

If you decide to make drilling parameter changes, close the tab/window that has
the gCode file. If you generate a new gCode program before closing the window,
nothing will change.

Lives on Github. https://popsshebang.github.io/ezpzPDG/

There is also help section that gives a brief description ot the drilling parameters.

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