F-Engrave and/or Universal G Code Sender Select part of file

Hello All,
Is there a way to select part of the file to recarve and recarve at a deeper depth within UGS or F-Engrave ?
Overview of my situation …I created a file with inkscape with large letters on the bottom (which carved ok) , then i have smaller font letters at the top of my carve , above the large letters. the smaller font letters did not carve fully, the depth was not deep enough and just barely , i mean barely , carved the surface and didnt even carve in some sections although it tried too. Is there a way i can select the top portion (smaller letters) of my file within UGS or maybe F-Engrave to regarve that particular section without having to start the project over with a different depth all together for the entire piece ?

Even if i just created another file with the small print only , i would never be able to get it to line up properly to where it did carve some of it.

Thanks !

You could maybe cheat and edit your g-code file to delete everything that you don’t want to carve on your second pass. Then either change the cut depth (z) in the g-code or set your zero height to be slightly lower.

Thanks Ivan. I am pretty new to all this , but , I will attempt to figure out the gcode and find the pieces I want.