F-Engrave cut depth?

Hi all,
i have a question about F-Engrave and V-Carve.
when i open up the V-Carve settings the cut depth limit is 0 in the field where you manually set the cut depth, however the max cut depth is too deep for me, and the image looks like this

however when i set the cut depth to lets say -.05 (which is what i want) , the cut then has an outline instead of a single v-carve. seen below . is there anyway to work around this ? as i want the look of the above picture but at a depth i specify

I have found f engrave to be virtually unusable for that reason. I know lots of people use it successfully, but nothing about it works like the tutorials indicate it should.

The line width and bit diameter change the depth of cut, but there is no opportunity to directly enter a specified depth of cut. It gets grayed out and is unavailable.

I concur. I was always troubled about that ‘feature’.

I’ve seen many videos showing guys setting their DOC on f engrave. I have no idea why it doesn’t actually work that way

You need to go to Vcarve settings and calculate cleanup. It will calculate 2 more files a v clean and a strait bit clean. These will take out everything between.

Is there any alternative to f-engrave that is free or low cost ?

@ScottPledger Read @ChrisRice’s reply. When you’re V-carving that shallow, the diameter of your vee bit is very small. You’ll need to clean out the areas in between with a flat end mill.